5-Tips-for-Travelling-with-Aphasia 5 Tips for Travelling with Aphasia

5 Tips for Travelling with Aphasia



With the holidays coming up, some of us may be planning to get away and travel. Stroke survivors may face unique challenges while travelling that others do not consider. For example, those with aphasia might have to deal with communication difficulties when dealing with those who aren’t familiar with stroke. To help make travelling with aphasia a little easier, try to:

  1. Research. Plan out your route ahead of time and take some helpful contact information with you in case you need help along the way.
  2. Take some company. Travel with a friend or family member who can help to advocate for you and keep things fun and relaxed.
  3. Write it out. Make a list of key phrases you may need on your trip so it’s handy just in case you need it.
  4. Order beforehand. Check restaurant menus online and write out your order so you can show your waiter what you want.
  5. Don’t tire yourself out. Travel can lead to fatigue, so make sure you stay rested and set a reasonable pace for your trip.