7-Tips-to-prevent-a-second-stroke 7 Tips to Prevent a Second Stroke

7 Tips to Prevent a Second Stroke


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“Roughly 25% of stroke survivors experience a second stroke. Fortunately, you can reduce your with the best stroke prevention practices.” Flint Rehab provides some tips to help you learn how to prevent a second stroke and improve your overall health. 

7 Best Practices include:
  1. Know your stroke risk factors
  2. Monitor your blood pressure
  3. Exercise enough to break a sweat
  4. Consider preventative surgeries
  5. Manage stress with self-care
  6. Clean up your diet
  7. Take neuro-protective vitamins

Click here to read the article "How to Prevent a Second Stroke with 7 Best Practices" on FlintRehab's website for all the details about the 7 ways you can help reduce your risk of a second stroke.