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We’re very excited to announce that March of Dimes Canada will be working with The Weather Network for the second year to spread the word about emergency preparedness.

Starting in December, The Weather Network will be airing 26 weeks of emergency preparedness tips in partnership with MODC. Watch The Weather Channel this winter, or follow them on social media @weathernetwork on Twitter to catch our emergency preparedness tips!​ You can follow the tips on Twitter using the hashtag #TWNTips and on Facebook at


Latest Emergency Preparedness Tips

  • Pay attention to alerts and be prepared to evacuate.
  • Include medications, prescriptions, cash and insurance papers in your evacuation kit.
  • Store your emergency go-kit in an accessible location near an exit.
  • ​Prepare for your pet or service animal’s basic needs: food, water and any other supplies.
  • Have enough water and food on hand, to last at least 72 hours.

View video by The Weather Network of MODC's campaign to help Canadians prepare for emergencies​: