BC-Caregiver-Shares-His-Journey BC Caregiver Shares His Journey

BC Caregiver Shares His Journey


BC Caregiver Shares His Journey

Campbell and her husband, Sean Standing, had only been seeing each other for 18 months when her life as she knew it was turned upside down. Standing quickly learned that Campbell had a long road ahead of her. If he stuck around, surely his life would be turned upside down too.

Asked what kept these two young people together after being faced with what seemed like impossible odds, Standing says the only convincing he needed was a simple four-letter word.

“Love,” he says. “It really was. When I met Christy it was one of those love at first sight kind of things. She filled my heart and I just couldn’t see myself living without her.”

While careful to not take away from the mental, physical and emotional load that stroke survivors must endure, Standing is open about the challenges he faced when all of sudden he was thrust into the role of caregiver following his loved one’s stroke.

A stroke can test, change, and even strengthen relationships. Sean Standing is honest with North Shore News about his challenges caring for his wife. Read more about this couple in the article linked below and take time today to say thank you to your caregivers or pat yourself on the back if you are one!