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Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery Opportunity


Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery

Recruitment open for Heart & Stroke Foundation - CPSR-funded FLOW trial

Are you interested in improving your lower-limb motor recovery caused by a stroke? Participants of this study will receive a combination of Fluoxetine, or a placebo, and targeted exercise programs over three to four months. Study sites are looking for stroke survivors less than 12 months post-stroke and are experiencing lower limb difficulties.

Flow Trial

The FLOW (FLuoxetine to Open the critical time period Window to improve motor recovery after stroke) trial is now recruiting at seven sites across Canada (with an eighth in Winnipeg opening soon). The study is led by Dr. Mark Bayley of Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and Dr. Janice Eng of the University of British Columbia.

The study aims to recruit 20-25 patients at each site (see map, above) to test a combination therapy to improve lower-limb motor recovery. This is the first study to use the new national stroke recovery clinical trials infrastructure developed with funding from CPSR and Brain Canada. Participants in the double-blinded randomized controlled study will get either fluoxetine (Prozac) or a placebo coupled with three doses a week of a targeted exercise program over a three to four month period. Fluoxetine has been shown in animal models to keep open the period of neuroplasticity that coincides with stroke recovery. The trial rationale is that motor function will be significantly improved by pairing fluoxetine with a task-based exercise program in humans. Study sites are looking to recruit patients who are less than 12 months post-stroke, are experiencing lower limb difficulties and who do not have a clinical diagnosis of depression. The primary goal of the study is to improve walking, gait and balance.

For more information please contact: 
Josie Chundamala
FLOW Trial Project Manager
Tel: 416-597-3422 ext 7229

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