Mental-and-Physical-Health-of-Caregivers- Mental and Physical Health of Caregivers

Mental and Physical Health of Caregivers


Mental and Physical Health of Caregivers

​Are you caring for someone recovering from a stroke?

A 2017 Health Affairs study focused on the health and wellbeing of unpaid or “informal” caregivers in the United States. Informal Caregivers do much of the same work as registered nurses and professionals; but without the same training, expertise, or support. 

Oftentimes Caregivers prioritize the health of who they are caring for over their own, sometimes taking time and energy away from their own careers or personal time.

Caregivers also find pride and satisfaction in their work, saying that it provides meaning, an opportunity to learn new skills, strengthens relationships with others, and makes them feel good about themselves.

Read the full report from Health Affairs and let us know in the comments some challenges and rewards you have as a caregiver.