Stroke-Survivor-Hopes-to-Help-Others Stroke Survivor Hopes to Help Others

Stroke Survivor Hopes to Help Others


Stroke Survivor Hopes to Help Others

Deborah Bardell remembers the left side of her face looking like it was melting.

The retired Corunna woman had experienced three mini-strokes, called transient ischemic attacks, two days before. It took 52 days for her to leave the hospital. With physical therapy, she learned to walk again.

“I don’t use a cane anymore. My strength is getting better and better,” the 66-year-old said at her home Saturday, nearly four years out from her Dec. 9 stroke.

Burdell is planning to volunteer as a peer support worker in stroke care at Bluewater Health. Would you like to learn more about becoming a Peer Support Volunteer with our Hospital Visitation Programs? Visit this page to find out more!

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