Stroke-in-Children---Gaps-in-Care-and-Education Stroke in Children - Gaps in Care and Education

Stroke in Children - Gaps in Care and Education


Stroke in Children

More than 10,0000 Canadian children are living with the effects of pediatric stroke, and Dr. deVeber argues that they aren't getting the care and attention they need. 

The exclusion of pediatric stroke from stroke awareness campaigns means that stroke in children often goes unrecognized and untreated. A child with a weak wrist or who walks with a limp may be taken to get an x-ray and, when no break or strain is found, the investigation ends. It's not until the child has a subsequent stroke that the problem is identified. There are at least 500 children who have a stroke each year in Canada, many of whom live with mild and moderate deficits that last their lifetimes. "The burden of illness is significant and enduring," Dr. deVeber says.