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Family and Caregiver Support After a Stroke

Every stroke has a ripple effect – extending beyond the survivor, to the lives of their families and friends.
If someone you care about has had a stroke, you might be struggling with changes in your relationship and in the dynamics of your family overall. If you have found yourself in a caregiving role, you may be feeling an even greater sense of stress as you figure out how to help them while also caring for yourself.

That’s why After Stroke takes a holistic, family approach – working with stroke survivors and families to help you through this process. 

Through our unique, family-centered approach, we’ll work with you to understand your and your family’s challenges and connect you to the support you need. 

Caregiver Support: Webinars, Support Groups & Resources

March of Dimes Canada is committed to continuing to provide the supports our community needs in new and innovative ways through this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our first priority is your health, so we’re offering as many programs as possible online to ensure you can safely participate during the pandemic. Now, more than ever, it’s important to connect and support each other. 

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MODC offers online programs and platforms for caregivers, that connect you with resources, tools, and a community of people who understand. MODC's Caregiver Project hosts online events, talks and support sessions, bringing together caregivers, caregiver experts and advocates to share their lived experiences and bright ideas. The aim is to assist families and friends caring for a loved one after stroke or a chronic illness. We offer a number of online events, activities and resources:

Guest Speaker Webinars 

Funded by The Ontario Trillium Foundation, our speaker webinars bring together professionals and caregiving experts to share their knowledge on relevant topics. From advocacy to communication, our webinars offer a quick, convenient way access to information you can use every day. 

Join us at the scheduled time and share in the online dialogue.

You can also view the past recorded Caregiver webinar series "The Unexpected Journey of Caring - The Transformation from Loved One to Caregiver":

Session 1: Why Some Caregivers Sometimes Say No To Support from Family and Friends

If you have any questions about the Caregiver webinars, please contact Angie Clark by email at or call 1-905-301-8114. 

Ontario Trillium Foundation*These webinars are brought to you thanks to a collaboration between March of Dimes Canada and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Caregiver Connection Group

Join our community of caregivers to talk about the challenges and rewards of caregiving. These guided discussions offer a chance to share experiences and information, or just talk, in a supportive space.

Ontario Trillium Foundation*This program is available thanks to a collaboration between March of Dimes Canada and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Virtual Peer Support

No one understands quite like somebody who has lived the same experience. Our Peer Support program pairs caregivers with peers who are also experienced in caregiving and can offer practical advice and support by phone or a video chat.  

Contact Raney Jansma at or 705-794-2097 for more details about this program. 

Caregiver Support Sessions

These sessions provide tools to meet the unique needs of caregivers with the aim of reducing stress, learning new coping and problem solving skills. The support sessions are used in conjuction with the Caregiver Support Session Handbook that will guide you through each session and act as a resource for information throughout your caregiving journey. 

Click here to view a selection of pre-recorded Caregiver Support Sessions. 

The Caregiver Project Brochure

The Caregiver Project BrochureThe Caregiver Project Brochure provides information on all the programs and events that are offered, plus 5 Tips to Avoid Caregiver Burnout, Stress Management & Self-Care Tips for Caregivers, and additional resources. 

A Caregiver's Guide to Stroke Recovery

Caregiver GuideA Caregiver’s Guide To Stroke Recovery offers useful information to help you be the best caregiver to your loved one. In this guide, you will find information on stroke recovery and spasticity, how to communicate with stroke survivors, and maintain healthy relationships, existing aphasia camps, and other helpful resources. You will also find inspiring real-life stories about other caregivers and stroke survivors that will encourage you to see that there is life for everyone after stroke.