Young-Stroke-Survivors-of-BC Young Stroke Survivors of BC

Young Stroke Survivors of BC

Young Stroke Survivors of BC

The Young Stroke Survivors of BC (YSSBC) is a volunteer-led community of people who are living life after stroke. Everyone's experience with stroke is different. Together we learn, share and grow by supporting one another along the road to recovery.

At YSSBC meetings, we usually feature a speaker on a topic of interest to the group. Most of these have been recorded, and you can find them on our YouTube Channel. Past topics include driving, brain health, intimacy and relationships, working, apps for aphasia, and sports and leisure.

Sometimes we meet in Vancouver in a more social setting. We might go for a walk or get coffee. 

YSSBC Meets on the 4th Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at various group chosen locations. 
You can join in person (in Vancouver) or by videoconference.

Email us at to get the details for the next meeting, and to be put on the list for regular updates.

You can also text us: 604-349-3717