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Returning Home

Hospital to home

When You Return Home After a Stroke 

Leaving the hospital and returning home after a stroke can be overwhelming.
Your old life may feel strange and unfamiliar, and full of new challenges and questions. You may be uncertain where to turn for the practical and emotional support you need, or what resources are available to you.
That’s where After Stroke comes in. Shortly after you return home from the hospital, your local After Stroke coordinator will contact you to:

  • Listen to you share your experience of having a stroke, and of recovery so far.

  • Work with you to identify your unique challenges, needs and goals, and build a personalized support plan to help you achieve them.

  • Connect you to resources that can help, right in your local community. This could include educational programs for learning about stroke, physical therapy or speech recovery programs, and peer support groups with stroke survivors like you.

Your Personalized After Stroke Plan

Every stroke is different, and so is every stroke survivor. That’s why there is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovering from a stroke. You need a plan that reflects who you are, where you are in your recovery, and what’s important to you.

Here’s how your After Stroke coordinator will work with you to build your personalized After Stroke plan:

Step 1: Understanding your needs
Your personalized plan begins with a comprehensive assessment conducted by your After Stroke coordinator. They will ask you questions about a range of topics, to get a full picture of you and your support needs.

Step 2: Setting goals that matter to you
Your After Stroke coordinator will work with you to identify goals that you want to work towards in your first weeks and months at home. What we focus on is up to you, and could include anything from improving your physical recovery to building your emotional coping skills.

Step 3: Creating an action plan and connecting you to support
Based on your goals, your After Stroke coordinator will put together a customized action plan with personalized recommendations on resources, programs and services.

Step 4: Supporting you along the way
Your After Stroke coordinator will check in with you regularly to find out how you are doing and how we can help. As you identify new needs and goals, we will continue to work with you to revise your plan and connect you to additional supports.