Reintegration-Guide After Stroke Information Packages

After Stroke Information Packages

​​​There is Life After Stroke!

After helping stroke survivors and their caregivers for over 45 years, we have learned some important lessons we want to share:

Be Determined: Never give up hope and never stop trying because the first step to recovery is YOUR desire to get better. 

Support is Key: Among stroke survivors and caregivers alike, support is crucial. reaching out to family, friends and local support groups will provide comfort, reduce stress and help you on your road to recovery.

Set Goals: Goals are important to keep you constantly moving forward during your recovery process. Goals, no matter how big or small can provide you with a feeling of accomplishment that can boost your confidence and increase your desire to keep pushing forward. 

There is life after stroke! Many stroke survivors go on to lead very successful and fulfilling lives.

Information Guide and Packages

After Stroke Recovering from a Stroke Guide Click here to read the guide: Recovering from a Stroke: An Introduction for Stroke Survivors, Families & Caregivers.

Caregiver Guide

Click here to read the guide: A Caregiver's Guide to Stroke Recovery

Plus you can select from the following After Stroke Information Packages:

What is After Stroke? Programs and Services Guide (PDF)1. What is After Stroke? 
The After Stroke information package provides an overview of the After Stroke programs that are available through March of Dimes Canada. 

After Stroke Peer Support Groups Guide2. Peer Support Groups 
Peer Support Groups are all about survivors supporting survivors. Peer support groups help survivors gain a better understanding of the impact of their stroke, feel less isolated, overcome post-stroke depression, relate to their peers, improve and recover over a long period of time, and help others.

After Stroke Self-Management of Your Recovery Guide3. Self-Management of Your Recovery 
Recovery after a stroke is a lifelong process and self-management helps you to live better after a stroke. This information package reviews the components of self-management, what you can do to help manage your condition, and the components of wellbeing.

After Stroke Help for Caregivers Guide (PDF)4. Help for Caregivers 
A stroke can permanently alter the mind and body of a survivor, but it also changes the lives of the entire family. Caregivers face the enormous challenge of needing to meet the needs of the stroke survivor without neglecting their own needs. This information package reviews the importance of information and education, the work of caregiving, relationship changes, the stress of caregiving, cognitive distortion, and provides a Caregiver Survival Checklist.

After Stroke What is a Stroke Guide (PDF)5. What is Stroke? 
Learn what stroke is, the warning signs of a stroke, the different types of stroke, and how stroke is treated.

After Stroke Stroke Prevention and Risk Factors Guide (PDF)6. Stroke Prevention 
Learn how to prevent a stroke. You can reduce your risk of having a stroke by changing lifestyle habits and reducing risk factors such as high blood pressure (hypertension), unhealthy diet and nutrition, lack of exercise, smoking, and high cholesterol.

After Stroke Effects of Stroke Guide (PDF)7. Effects of Stroke 
Strokes usually affect one side of the brain. Learn the most common effects of left-brain strokes, and the different effects of right-brain strokes, along with the most common challenges for stroke survivors.

After Stroke Behavioural Changes After Stroke Guide (PDF)8. Behavio​ural Change After Stroke 
Following a stroke, a survivor’s anxiety, fear and frustration can be enormous. These emotional factors play a big role in recovery. Learn about the behavioural issues of a stroke survivor including depression, emotional liability, personality changes, memory deficits, generalization, sensory deprivation and over-stimulation, and quality control.

After Stroke Resources and Link Guide (PDF)9. Resources and Links​​
This information package provides a list of online resources that are available to stroke survivors and their caregivers. You can also find a current resource list in our Resources section at