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After Stroke supports successful transitions 

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Time to get back to participating in your community.

After Stroke is focused on providing community-based supports that lead to community re-engagement with the goal of remaining active and healthy. Our programs help individuals and their families maintain and improve quality of life by focusing on physical reactivation and community reintegration.

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Services include:

  • Peer Support Groups You are not alone. Stroke survivors, their family members, as well as their caregivers can connect with fellow survivors in a support group to help you through this time. You can learn about stroke recovery, disability management, and stroke recovery resources in your area. 

  • Aphasia and Communication Disabilities Program (ACDP) – ACDP is an Ontario based program for adults with aphasia and communication disabilities that can result from a stroke, run by a team of communication professionals that will help you improve communication, support independence and participation in community life.

  • Aphasia Camps – There are a number of Aphasia Camps and Retreats that are run throughout Canada that bring together people with aphasia, their families, health care professionals and volunteers. Activities are both recreational and therapeutic with the goal to help live more successfully with aphasia through participating in physical, social and educational activities in a barrier free environment.

  • Next Steps Walking Program – Next Steps is a British Columbia based social walking program that focusses on getting out, having fun, building friendships, setting goals and staying motivated while walking. 

  • Mobility & Rehabilitation Program - Conductive Education® Rehabilitation (CE) – CE is an educational approach to rehabilitation for people who have had a stroke resulting in neuromotor disabilities that focuses on promoting independence, functional skills and mobility. Participants are taught new strategies and techniques to cope with and manage their disabilities while continuing to build on current skills.

  • TIME™ (Together in Movement and Exercise) – This community-based exercise program is geared towards people that have challenges with balance and mobility and encourages increased fitness in a safe and friendly environment.

  • Recreation and Accessible Travel Whether you are looking for a week-long adventure or just want to meet new friends, March of Dimes Recreation and Integration Services provides you with the opportunity to enjoy beautiful destinations close to home and around the world, that are fully-accessible for people with physical disabilities.

  • Employment Services Every year, March of Dimes Canada Employment Services helps hundreds of people with disabilities achieve greater independence by providing job training and finding them employment.

Home to Community - Programs & Services Location Map

View a comprehensive map of MODC's After Stroke programs and services across Canada that includes:
  • Peer Support Group Chapters
  • Next Steps Walking Programs


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